About Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies…sorted! If you are reading this you have probably put your hand up (or had your arm twisted) to organise Leavers hoodies for your child’s school or the school in which you work. You may have heard stories of late deliveries, poor quality garments, no customer service leading to unhappy parents and disappointed children […]

What exactly is Eco uniform?

As part of our rebrand to Classworx we have taken a fresh look at how we can contribute to a more sustainable, eco friendly and ethical future. This is what schools, parents, students…all of us, want. The good news is that many of our schoolwear suppliers have been working hard on this for some time […]

Leavers Hoodies

These days it’s the norm for the annual cohort of leavers who are moving from junior to senior schools to do so with a Leavers hoodie as a memento. They certainly wear them with pride for along time to come and no doubt are kept as a lasting reminder of who your shared your formative […]