What exactly is Eco uniform?

As part of our rebrand to Classworx we have taken a fresh look at how we can contribute to a more sustainable, eco friendly and ethical future. This is what schools, parents, students…all of us, want. The good news is that many of our schoolwear suppliers have been working hard on this for some time […]

Extracts from ‘Attitudes to School Uniform’

Extracts from ‘Attitudes to School Uniform’ a report conducted by Trutex in association with the Diana Award Introduction Uniforms are a fact of life for British school children. Almost every secondary school (98%) and the majority (79%) of primary schools1 require students to wear some form of uniform, ranging from a formal blazer and tie […]

Get ahead with your backpack

When it comes to street cred, having the right back pack is crucial, even at school. So, whilst mums want a practical, long lasting bag suitable for lugging around all the necessary equipment and books and one that stands up to the rigours of everyday school life, students want a fashion statement. Design is key, […]