Leavers Hoodies…sorted!

If you are reading this you have probably put your hand up (or had your arm twisted) to organise Leavers hoodies for your child’s school or the school in which you work.

You may have heard stories of late deliveries, poor quality garments, no customer service leading to unhappy parents and disappointed children however, that needn’t be the case.  Rest reassured that we have successfully fulfilled many leavers hoodies orders and we are committed to giving our customers great customer service, which means we wont be happy until you are happy.

The specification, sizes and colour range for our standard leavers hoodies are shown here.  Send a link to the size chart to parents to help you collate your orders more easily.  The hoodies are true to size so you don’t have to buy 3 sizes too big!  If you want something different, eg a varsity or college hoodie please ask and we will recommend a quality garment. If required, we have a sizing set and colour samples at the shop which we can lend you.

When it comes to design, for starters your school logo will be embroidered on the front, then it’s up to you. Bear in mind that more personalisation impacts the cost but we do our best to keep it affordable. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements and talk you through the options. We can also produce a simple graphic of your agreed design for you to circulate to parents so they know what to expect.

The last thing to say is that this year, like no other year, we recommend you book early. We usually turn around your orders in under two weeks however, due to the pandemic, deliveries into us are subject to delay as our suppliers are experiencing delays of some items arriving into the UK. No need to panic but order early if you can.

Contact Louise on 01625 500552

email: louise@classworx.co.uk