As part of our rebrand to Classworx we have taken a fresh look at how we can contribute to a more sustainable, eco friendly and ethical future. This is what schools, parents, students…all of us, want.

The good news is that many of our schoolwear suppliers have been working hard on this for some time and are replacing existing products with more eco-friendly alternatives without compromising quality or impacting on price. Good quality, durable schoolwear is now, more than ever before, the most sustainable, best value option for parents.

We, on behalf of schools, are choosing ethical suppliers and eco-friendly products. Here’s a few examples:

  • All our blazers are now eco blazers. We also stock eco skirts and trousers. This means that recycled plastic bottles (lots of them in fact) are used instead of crude oil in the production process to create 100% of the polyester content.
  • All our school ties are switching over to using eco friendly threads.
  • Our main suppliers have strong ethical values meaning that they conduct trade audits to monitor the practices businesses along the supply chain.
  • We offer bio-degradable water bottles, helping reduce waste and single use plastics.
  • Our best suppliers are working towards The Planet Mark cetification, and are investing heavily in becoming carbon neutral as soon as possible.
  • We are all working to reduce plastic, packaging and waste along the supply chain.

There is so much to be done and such a long way to go however we want you to know that we are asking questions and making ethical choices.